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Christmas Gifts For Sponsored Children & Teachers Ready To Go To Guatemala

About a month ago we sent out a notice to all our sponsors and let them know we were able to receive Christmas gifts for the teachers and children they sponsor up until this past Wednesday. It’s been exciting to see all the gifts arriving in our PO Box over the past few weeks!

Volunteers and our new inters (you’ll be hearing more about them soon) have been hard at work translating all the letters and Cherie has been getting everything organized and ready to pack for my trip to Guatemala on Monday.

There are so many gifts that I’m not sure I’ll have room to pack any clothes… so my friends in Guatemala may have to deal with me wearing the same thing the whole time I’m there!

Rebecca is really looking forward to distributing all the gifts over the next few weeks as she visits the homes of each of the teachers and children in La Limonada.

Thanks to all our sponsors for all you do throughout the year to pray for the teachers and children you sponsor and for the love, support and words of encouragement you provide them.

-Bill Cummings

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