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Child Spotlight: Isamar

You wouldn’t have to spend much time with Isamar to tell that she rarely sits still, loves her picture taken, and is always dressed in pink, her favorite color. Her favorite thing to do in the classroom is to cut and paste paper together. After having her picture taken by Lemonade International staff, she promptly announced that she needed to return to her vocation of cutting and pasting her paper.

Isamar lives with her parents and three siblings in La Limonada. Her parents were excited to sign her up this year, following after her cousins who have been attending the Limon school. Isamar’s favorite thing to do in the house is help with her baby sister, just two months old. She shared that when she grows up she’d like to have a house and family of her own, too, “just like my mom.”

Isamar’s father sells fruits and vegetables in the market and her mother helps whenever she has time. More than anything, though, she’s dedicated to her newborn baby and other children. Life is hard in Isamar’s family. Even though it is now filled with the love and hope that only God can give,  it’s hard to pay the bills with just one parent working all day. We can be encouraged by Isamar’s father’s words when he said that, “before we had more things but didn’t exactly know how they came into our hands. Now, although we have fewer things and are forced to live simply – we can be joyous and content in the fact that all of our things come straight from God above.”

It’s safe to say that half of Isamar’s battle has already been won. She has a wonderful family who supports and takes care of her in love. She has every potential to become a great and strong woman. At Lemonade International, we believe that her life could be changed even for the better by keeping her off the streets and in the schools and providing her with an education. You can make the difference in Isamar’s life. You can be the one who is at her side through her whole education, supporting and praying for her each step of the way.

She’s one of the last girls in her class to be waiting for a sponsor and is constantly reminding her classmates and teachers that she can’t wait. After anxiously anticipating the registration day in January, Isamar’s mother was happy to enroll her into the Limon school to study during the mornings. Monica, her teacher, raves of her great attendance and behavior in class. Isamar is continually excited to learn and has been improving steadily in her class.

Please make a lasting difference in Isamar’s life by clicking on the Donate button below and supporting her with just $35 each month.

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