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Child Sponsorship – Changing Lives in Guatemala and in the US

Since beginning our child sponsorship program last summer we have seen a huge impact being made in the lives of the children in La Limonada… but we have also witnessed a tremendous difference in the lives of the individuals and families here in the US who are sponsoring children.

Here are a some quotes from letters our sponsors have written to their children:

“I have shown your picture to so many in our family and our friends! Everyone says you are so beautiful and YOU ARE!!!!”

“We will pray for you and your family everyday. You will always be in our hearts and our thoughts. Know that you are loved by us! If you are ever having a bad day just think of all of us and know that we love you! We would love to come and visit you one day, we will be praying about that. Keep smiling, keep praying and keep dreaming!”

“Wahoo!! We are very excited to be a part of your life. We keep your picture up on the piano so we can always see your shining smile.”

“Remember that you are in my prayers everyday and I am so happy that I know you! You are a very, very special girl and God loves you very much. Keep studying and doing your best in school! You can write me anytime!”

“You are such a blessing to our family and have touched our hearts more than you will ever know. Keep praying, smiling, and dreaming! We love you!”

“We are so happy to be a part of your life. I thank God for the opportunity he has given our family to get to know you and will pray that one day we can come and meet you.”

“We are happy to
write this letter to you and tell you about ourselves. We are a grandpa and grandma with 8 grandchildren. Maybe I should say we have 9 grandchildren because we have all their pictures on the wall and your picture is there also.”

Child sponsorship is not simply about sending money every month. It is about building a relationship with a child who’s life is made that much better by knowing there is someone here in the States who is praying for them, writing letters, sending photos and inspiring them with hope for a better future.

Thanks so much to all of you who have committed to make the children a part of your lives and part of your families!

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