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A couple weeks ago, an incredible team from Amistad Foundation and Fellowship Bible Church in northwest Arkansas was with us for more training in Celebrate Recovery. Here’s an excerpt from an email that Rodney, the leader, sent home to supporters back in the states…

What an amazing day in Guatemala! We started our day with the wonderful teachers of La Limonada. Several members of our team shared their stories with the teachers and what Celebrate Recovery means to them and how it had changed their lives through Jesus Christ. The teachers responded incredibly well, and seemed to be moved by what they heard.

I then had the privilege to train the teachers on another part of the Celebrate Recovery program. The three groups in La Limonada have been meeting for a couple of months now, and were ready for this next training. Wonderful timing for sure!

Then we had the great opportunity to pray over the leaders of La Limonada. So sweet. Several leaders were crying as we prayed (a universal language known by Christ).

The afternoon was incredible for our ladies as they visited the Guatemalan prison. I heard incredible things from our sweet leaders. They met with several women, one being the mother of children that attend the school in La Limonada. She connected strongly with one of the women in the group who shared her stories with them. It was so sweet that God used her in such a huge way.

I was struck by something Tita said about a woman whose husband rarely comes home, but when he does, it’s only to abuse and take advantage of his wife. Tita said that it is a crumb of love that the women desire. They don’t get a lot of love and desire a crumb of love from anyone even in the worst way. She went on to say that we need the flavor of Christ. What an amazing thing to consider!

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