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Buy Less… Give More

In recent years several voices have begun speaking from the fringes… encouraging people to scale back on the shopping, abundant gift-giving and misplaced focus of the season in order to give more, spend meaningful time with family and focus on the revolutionary, world-changing event of Jesus’ birth. Those voices are speaking more loudly and clearly than ever.

Inspired by Advent Conspiracy and the Make Something Day movement, we are asking you to consider going counter-culture this Christmas season. While many people around us are stressing out over what to give Uncle Clarence for Christmas, you have an opportunity to slow down long enough to realize that he doesn’t need another sweater, tie or bottle of cologne. Maybe Uncle Larry would be more grateful if you made something meaningful for him this Christmas.

And maybe spending less on Christmas for those who already have a lot will provide you with the opportunity to give more to those who have little or nothing.

A couple weeks ago we began our “Gifts Of Hope” Christmas 2009 project. In that time, 31 Back To School Packages, 1 High School Scholarship and 3 Christmas Bonuses for Teachers have been provided.

That leaves 324 children who still need shoes and backpacks filled with school supplies, 35 high school students who need scholarships for a quality education at a private school in Guatemala City and 31 La Limonada teachers whose salaries could be doubled for the month of December.

Would you consider giving “Gifts Of Hope” this Christmas? This could mean not engaging in the craziness of “Black Friday” or not getting Uncle Clarence anything for Christmas, but it could mean something meaningful for a child or teacher in La Limonada:

1. Back To School Gift Package: $50

The school year in Guatemala begins in January, and we want to provide each of the 355 students with a new pair of school shoes and a backpack filled with school supplies. To us, a new pair of shoes for the school year is just a necessity, something we purchase without thinking much of it. For these children, it means so much to know that someone cares enough about them to buy them a pair of shoes that actually fit.

2. Scholarships for High School Students: $100

36 high school students who have been impacted by the programs at the schools in La Limonada will be receiving a quality education at a private high school in Guatemala City through these scholarships that will go toward their tuition, uniforms and books. This gift can help educate a student and pave the way for them to escape a cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

3. Christmas Bonus for Teachers: $250

The average worker in Guatemala City makes $14 a day. The 34 teachers and workers at the two schools in La Limonada make approximately $7 a day. This bonus will provide them with the salary of an average worker for the month of December and will be a huge blessing to them and their families.

To give a secure online gift, please go to our Donation Page and choose the “Christmas – Gift Of Hope” fund. In the comments box explain how you would like your gift to be applied.

As always, gifts of any amount will significantly help with these projects.

Thank you for considering a generous gift to provide hope to the children and teachers in La Limonada through a much needed “Gift Of Hope”!

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