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My childhood friend, Denny Sant, just published his second novel, and has chosen to have all the proceeds from the sale of the book go to Lemonade International.

“Double Dipp”, the sequel to “Bean Dipp”, is available at www.lulu.com/dennysant.

I’ve known Denny since we were about 10 years old. When we started Lemonade International he and his family were one of the first to officially sponsor a child through our sponsorship program. They pray for Jonny regularly and write him letters. Their involvement in Jonny’s life is making a lasting impact and providing him hope for a better future.

The following is from Denny:

“Double Dipp for Lemonade”

Dear Friends,

I’ve known Bill since I was a kid. It is so exciting to see him and Cherie serve the children of Guatemala.

I’ve written two novels, “BEAN DIPP” and the sequel, “DOUBLE DIPP”. The proceeds from these works of fiction are dedicated to support Lemonade International.

All books can be purchased at www.lulu.com/dennysant

Happy reading – hope you enjoy!


Denny… thanks so much for your friendship and generosity!

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