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Better to Be on the Streets Than in the House?

I met Gloria a long time ago, when she was 2 years old. Her 11-year-old sister had been abused multiple times by her own father. Gloria, at her very young age, had all the symptoms of being abused as well. And her mom? She didn’t protect them. Instead, she accused her daughters of being seductive.

Frowning, her eyes filled with anger, lips that never smile and are always tightly shut…

To hug her? Never. She refuses any expression of love, there is no way of coming close to her. When I talk to her, she only looks at me out of the corner of her eye. Who knows what thoughts run through her little mind. I so wish for her to receive love! The sort of love that has changed and transformed my life.

She is such a precious child but is so hard to watch her. I have learned that I can’t do anything if it’s not based on love, the love with which God has loved me. That crazy love, passionate, furious and willing. It was hard to learn how to romance Gloria because she wouldn’t let anybody to love her but… it wasn’t the question of time, it was the question of perseverance.

Today, after a hard story, suffering after suffering, mistreatment, abuse, traumas… Today, she is a street kid. She is 13, lives on the street, has been using drugs and now she doesn’t need to be abused sexually, she offers herself…

But today, her face shines and she is beautiful.

I think because she is neither oppressed nor abused by those beings who are supposed to love her, take care of her, protect her and fight for her. They are not part of her life anymore.

I now often see her in the church that I go to and she such a gleaming look, as never before!

I recently told her, “You are so pretty!!!!!! You are precious!!!!! You look very good!!!!” As I give her a hug, she draws to me, then releases. She looks at me and says, “it does me good to leave the house.”

-Written by Tita Evertsz, translated by Inna Sinkevych

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