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being back in La Limonada…

Leah here. (in case you were wondering!)
There’s something about being here and working on Lemonade first-hand on the Guatemalan side that is just so intoxicating to me.  There is SO MUCH to be done with taking children’s pictures, making support cards, etc. but it barely even feels like work because this is our heart: to have every child at La Escuelita prayed for, sponsored, and cared about by someone outside of their community.  I’ve seen how much it literally transforms their lives through love and it’s so humbling to be a part of.  Today Tita and I worked on finishing up the photos of the kids at La Escuelita before we tackle getting pictures and making support cards of all the children at the new school on the “Other Side.”  We hope to have all the photos taken, and support cards done by the end of the week.  Just watching these kids get excited to talk about what their favorite things about school are, (so we can let their sponsors know), brought such a huge joy to me.
This work is just simply about love…

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