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Beauty in the Dirt [Guest Post]


The following poem was composed by Jake P., a 16-year-old boy, while on the airplane back home after visiting La Limonada as part of a recent short-term group.


I look around and see the dirt and trash,
but within that I see beauty.
Disease, poverty, murder, and rape and they smile.
The beauty within their eyes tell a different story
than what is happening.
They are happy with what they got.
I have never seen anything more beautiful.
I am jealous of how little they’ve got.
For I am selfish and blind.
They give what they got.
I save and keep.
If we were more like them there would be no war,
only harmony.
I want what they’ve got. I crave for that.
I crave for their faith and trust.
We feel the need to save them,
but it is me that needs saving by them.
Save me! Save me please!


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