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Back To School!

It is that time of year in Guatemala… the new school year has begun at the two schools in La Limonada!


During registration last week, families began to line up at the door of the schools at 6:00am to make sure their children would be enrolled in their respective classes. And registration didn’t officially begin until 8:30am!

At our new school, Escuelita Mandarina, many new children were registered – especially in the afternoon session. Throughout the day parents were knocking on the door and calling Tita’s cell phone asking if there were job openings at the schools.

While the parents were getting their kids registered, the kids were standing in line with smiles on their faces waiting to come in to the school where they are loved and where they receive so much attention – knowing that they are going to be hugged, kissed, loved and fed.

It was awesome to see the teachers helping with registration and making final preparations in their classrooms. This year the two school psychologists will be employed full-time, with the primary responsibility of one-on-one counseling sessions with children who have experienced some of the most traumatic experiences – hunger, neglect, physical and sexual abuse.

First Day Of School:

Classes officially began on Monday. Children and teachers filled the classrooms ready for the new year ahead of them. As always each child was greeted with a hug and kiss as they entered the schools, and the day began with a healthy meal for each student. The dedicated teachers were prepared with lesson plans for each class. The younger children were excited to see newly donated games and puzzles in their classrooms… and the 2010 school year was off to a great start!

Tita said, “It’s so good beginning another new school year, walking by faith. Our hearts are so happy, amazed and surprised to have so many people that are helping us to start the year with more than enough! We are so thankful to see how much people are with us!”.

Thanks to the generosity of so many back in the States, all the teachers received bonuses, the children will be receiving school shoes and backpacks filled with school supplies by the end of this month, and the high school students were able to start a new school year at private schools in Guatemala City because of the scholarship donations provided.

We are excited for you to journey with us this year as we continue to be a physical presence of God’s love and as we continue to “educate and empower the people of La Limonada”. We are encouraged and blessed by your prayers and support for the work here in this community This would not be possible without you..

– The Lemonade International Guatemala Team

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