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August Value of the Month

Value of the Month

The academies are more than a safe haven for the children in La Limonada. While we believe it is important to provide a beautiful alternative to the negative influences of gang-ridden streets, we also want to develop the children into flourishing young adults, poised to be the future leaders of a peace-filled community.

One important aspect of our curriculum is value-based character development. The teachers have selected values to highlight each month in their classrooms, along with application activities. Throughout the year, we will be sharing the value of each month, so you can follow along with the lessons your sponsored children are learning!

The value of the month was respect for January, responsibility for February, teamwork for Marchkindness for Aprilgratitude for Mayempathy for June, and perseverance for July.

Month of August

Value of the Month | Lemonade International

Value of the Month:
Integrity. I do what is correct even when it is difficult and no one is watching me.

Why this Value is Important:
Children will learn to make wise decisions with integrity, thinking about how their actions set an example for others at all times.

Examples of this Value:
Children will explore examples of integrity by learning about real-life stories of people who made wise decisions during difficult times.

Biblical Connection:
My actions must be full of integrity because I love others and do not want to hurt them
Joshua 7, 1 Kings 1:4-5, Proverbs 10:9, Job 27:1-6


– Katie Hoiland, with curriculum provided by Daniela Lombardo


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