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An Open Letter From Tita – To Her Guatemalan Friends

Mi Guatemalan people, mis amados “Chapines”…

A long time ago I asked God: “please, give me people like Jeremiah 3:15, people according to Your heart”. For a long time the only one that walked with me faithfully was Jesus, but not any more. I can tell that God has lifted up or raised up people that are walking with me (Jesus’ Body) in this tough pathway. And I want to talk specifically to my Guatemalan people, I need your hearts, I need your support, I need YOU guys.

Please, do not think that now that we have Lemonade International I do not need you anymore. The Lemonade International web page is donated by Donnie. He did not charge anything. We all are part of this mission and ministry. The day that I see “how much” each one gives in numbers, that day, this ministry will be just a business and not God’s heart pouring into people’s hearts through His people, that day I have lost the meaning of all this. This is about LOVE, about caring, about relationships.

This is more than money, I need your hearts, prayers and all you can give and share. We, the Guatemalans, well known as “Chapines”, we need to support our people. Please, If you do not support us any more, I think, I’m going to loose the heart of all this… At this point Lemonade International is not receiving what is our goal yet, and the day that that happens, we still need you guys.

Now, we are starting a new school and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Today I felt like I was “digging in the desert or in the sea”. I just need you. The ministry has grown, we have more kids, salaries to pay, urgencies all the time, all kind of urgencies, rehab, medical supply, medicine, scholarships, school supplies, graduation expenses, funerals, maintenance. And we are not having any extra money to open a saving account. Any questions you are allowed to come and see how we use the money.

Please, pray and ask God for His guidance about all this, He will answer you. I love you and need you. I just love each one of you all and if I miss just one of you, even people that I do not share with just in newsletters or through friends that we have in common… just to think about it, a part of my heart is already broken. You, EACH ONE of you, are part not just of this ministry but my heart. I need you “Chapines”. I need you so much.

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