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Alberto meets Sommer

Up until this past Monday Alberto was a child in Sommer’s heart, and a picture on her fridge to remind her to pray for him.  Sommer was a photo to Alberto of someone in the U.S. who cared about him.  When they got to meet face to face while Sommer was in La Limonada, I almost cried, I can’t imagine how they felt.  Sommer got to be a physical presence of love to Alberto and I could just see how it made him light up to meet his madrina. (sponsor)
She got to see where he lives with his grandmother and pray with his family.  This movement is changing these kids lives through love, and in turn changing their families lives through love, and in turn changing their neighbors lives through love….and on and on it goes.
What an amazing thing to meet a child face to face that has been in your heart.
There are still many children that are waiting to be sponsored.
I have seen and am seeing first hand how much of a difference it makes in their lives.

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