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A Real Life Story of Pain and Suffering

The past few days, I’ve been able to hear the stories of various women throughout La Limonada. While visiting people and listening to their stories is something we do often, this week just seemed different to me. And today I realized that I’ve been impacted by how powerful it is for people to have the opportunity to tell their story.

I think we all appreciate when others take an interest in our lives and take the time to listen to our hearts. But for those who usually don’t have a voice….who are constantly rejected by the society around them… there is something incredibly beautiful, powerful, and healing that occurs as they share their stories.

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting “S” and hearing parts of her story. She is a sweet woman with 3 beautiful children. She has experienced more suffering in her life than any human should ever have to experience. She has endured some form of abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual, in almost all of her relationships (including her relationship with her father).

When her mother was drinking she gave her to men in return for money. While battling thoughts of suicide she walked into a church as she cried out for God to talk with her, only to be turned away because of her clothing and tattoos. In the stories she’s told it seems that most of her life she has been used over and over and over again. She has been offered help or “love” time and time again solely based on what she did. And through all of this she’s wondered where God was in the midst of her agony.

On Friday “S” is undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer. One hospital refused to offer treatment to her because they said her cancer was terminal. She then waited until she could be seen in a better hospital. Please join us in praying for her, and for her family….for healing in her body of course, but more for healing in her heart…for her to experience the absolute unconditional love of God in her life…for healing for her children who have also suffered abuse.

Some have asked where God is when people like “S” experience intense suffering like she has, but maybe the real question is: where are we when people around us are suffering? We can be there for “S” and walk with her through her pain… and provide a tangible sense that God is right there with her too.

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