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A Mother’s Day Story From La Limonada

There are so many stories of so many children and families that we are working with in La Limonada. At times it’s tough to decide what to write about. It’s important to be sensitive to their hurt, their privacy, and the fact that these stories are reality for them.

But I also think it’s just as important to share these stories with those who have a burden for the work God is doing here… so you can get a glimpse of how much He is doing in the lives of the people and in our lives.

I find it very difficult to put into words just how much God is working. I fear that I won’t do justice to His greatness with my limited words, but I will do my best. We need your prayers. The people here in La Limonada need your prayers…. so here is a look into just one family’s story and the redemption that God can bring to any situation.

“C” and “M” are sisters that both attend Escuelita Limón. C is 7, and M is 4 and they both have smiles that could light up an entire room. C is a little more timid and shy but is never afraid to tell you just how much she loves you. M is more assertive with a strong will and isn’t afraid to tell you how she thinks things should go. They live in La Limonada with their mom , dad, and three-month-old baby brother. Their mom is a sweet, tender woman who provides for her family by making tortillas all day and then selling them on the street to passersby.

About two months ago while their mom was dropping them off at school in the afternoon, one of the girls got very upset and begged, “Mommy, please don’t go back home. Please. Daddy is going to kill you.” Apparently there had been some fighting in the household for the last few days that really upset the girls.

When the mom got home that day her husband attacked her with a machete knife, cutting her several times on the head, on both hands and cut off one of her fingers at the knuckle. She was rushed to the hospital where she had to stay for several weeks. The police captured her husband and took him to prison, and at this point he is still there.

C and M were taken to the home of a woman whom their mom makes tortillas with. They were absolutely traumatized. They cried on our shoulders for a long time. I can’t even imagine trying to process that as a child, and fearing that your dad is going to come back and hurt you as well. We assured them that they were safe and with their mother’s permission they began staying at Janina’s home (one of the teachers at Escuelita Limón).

Their mom was released after several weeks in the hospital and went to stay with a relative while she healed. She knew the girls were safe with Janina and didn’t think it would be good for her children to see her until her wounds had healed and she was ready to come back.

These past 2 months have been filled with many ups and downs from the trauma that these girls have experienced. I’ve been with them and comforted them after they have had horrible nightmares in which their father is trying to kill them with a machete. I’ve seen them weep because they miss their mother, but what I have seen the most of is God’s healing touch on their souls… something only He can provide.

This past week the girls’ mom felt well enough to go home. We got the chance to talk with her and pray with her. Her face was luminous with joy. It was unbelievable. She experienced something so horrible yet she still has so much joy. She has allowed God to heal her heart and you can clearly see that just by talking to her.

There is still so much physical and mental healing to go. One of her hands is immobile because pins had to be inserted in it. She is adjusting to only having use of four fingers on her other hand. Through all of this there is a genuine smile on her face that reveals the joy in her heart. And that smile amazes me.

She wants to give back to God what He has given to her. So she will be volunteering at Escuelita Limón starting this week. She said, “I just want to serve, I’ll do whatever I can with one hand.”

And she said it with a big smile on her face.

There is still so much healing that needs to be done for C and M and for their mom, but God is working so much in their hearts. He is redeeming this tragedy for His good. And that is a beautiful thing.

*This is a picture that “C” drew of her family this week. She drew figures of her mom, sister, and brother as pretty as she could and when she got to her dad (in blue) it seems she just had to scribble over him.

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