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A Homeless Man Makes a Big Difference

A homeless man makes a big difference. Its strange for most of us to think about it that way. Our culture has taught us that the homeless are to be pitied, an object of charity. Perhaps in some senses that is true. But perhaps there is an awful lot that we can learn from a homeless man.

Estuardo was always smiling, laughing, joking, loving. Even though he had no material possessions, he never asked for anything more than food and love from others. He was always looking for love, not just from people, but he had experienced the love of God that had changed him. He wanted the kind of love that could change lives, communities, entire nations. The kind of love that only a Savior can give.

The team in Guatemala received phone call after phone call within minutes after Estuardo’s death. People were calling because they knew how much Estuardo had meant to the team, how much they had loved him.

For his last birthday, the only one he ever celebrated, the team had given him a small stuffed animal, a lamb, along with a card that told him that he was  God’s little lamb. His family, with tears and gratitude for all of the love that he had received from the team, told them that Estuardo had requested to be buried with the lamb.

Estuardo was impacted by the love of others, but he was also a force of love himself, touching many lives around him. His spirit reflected the Love that he had encountered so personally.

A homeless man makes a big difference.

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