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A Higher Calling

Meet Ana*. Only 44 years old, she has the body and face of a woman years her senior. She suffers from Choreia disease, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary twitching movements. She is in a state of constant motion due to her disease, and her mind has been affected with sickness as well. Her tiny waist fits in a child’s size 7 jeans, she isn’t fed properly at home. Her husband passed away, along with one of her children, a 13 year old daughter who got caught up in gang activity and was shot as a result. Her two surviving children do not care for her properly, but they are so young that they can barely care for themselves.

Her daughter, at 15, cleans a house for work, making 5Q a day, equivalent to 63 cents in US currency. Her son, only 10, used to attend Escuelita Limon and will be returning soon. He helps sell goods in the market during the morning hours, so he will be attending the afternoon session.

Ana was taken to a doctor in Antigua for her illnesses. She didn’t want to stay, but Tita was able to convince her to visit a nursing home closer to La Limonada. Even through all of her sickness and pain, she has a happy spirit. She is always smiling and laughing. During a recent visit from Tita and other Lemonade team members, she begged for Bible stories to be read to her – specifically the story of the woman who had been subject to bleeding who touched Jesus’ robe and was healed. Ana is also experiencing emotional healing, slowly, through the love of others.

Several of the teachers at Escuelita Limon have volunteered to help care for Ana, bathing and feeding her properly. One of the teachers even changed her schedule in order to be able to help. Its incredible to again see the love and dedication of the teachers at the schools. They go well above and beyond their duties, for a Higher Calling. Their love and dedication continues to be an inspiration to all of us, and a reminder that our lives should to be focused on our own Higher Calling.

*Name has been changed to for the purpose of privacy

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