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A Gringo God?

I only want to work

I only want to be somebody.

I only want to find my place in the world.

“V” is sixteen years old. His mother is in the Unites States and nobody knows where his father is.  His mother left, to provide a better future to her children … but she didn’t realize that her presence and love is what makes a better future, that this is from the hand of God.

Sometimes I think that people really think that God is a “gringo” and if you can only make it to the United States, you’ll be able to prosper. Oh, but if my God has a skin of all colors and identifies with all races, then He is not limited by space, time nor place. He is here in Guatemala, here in the prison, here in La Limonada, here in Sector 11, everywhere! He is always ready to love.

“V” just got out from being in jail for ten months. He does beautiful work that requires a lot of time and, of course, patience, but he could only do it in jail because there was nothing else to do. It is very boring and tedious now that he’s out.

We were in his house talking about possibilities to help him. We asked him what he really wants… And his answer, with little or no faith in himself nor in life, is: “I only want to work, ma’am.”

We closed our eyes and prayed, trying to perceive, in the midst of this neglect, our Just God of hope and the One who can do anything … the pain is sharp and deep, it is heartbreaking. But we have no option, we prayed feeling God’s presence … He is here also. It also hurts him, it’s His child, His boy … and His pain.

I don’t have an answer nor explanation for all this, maybe just a great burden, but that’s what makes me get up every morning, sometimes, even with the fatigue and burdens of the day before, to go and look for where God wants to glorify, where God wants to do his work, bring hope, comfort, solution and simply love.

After praying … I could only feel a mother’s love that was exploding from my heart… so I stopped and asked him for a hug. We hugged for a moment, it was something like heaven on earth, and was soaked in the love of the Father through His son, His child, and it was in my arms … If I lived only for this day, it was worth it!

“V” is just one of thousands who are in the streets who have not found their identity, their family, their reason for living.

What will you do?
What is your part?
Are you going to find your “V”?

-Written by Tita Evertsz (translation provided by Rebecca Gant)

We would love for you to comment and share who your “V” is and in what way you have been able to do your part.

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