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A Day in La Limonada [Photo Essay]


Earlier this year, we introduced you to Gadiel Avalos. He has since come on staff with the team in La Limonada, including work with gang members. Gadiel has contagious joy and love for the community. He recently took Instagrams on his phone throughout his day, capturing “a day in La Limonada.” We wanted to share a few of them in this fun photo essay.

Lizza (Director of International Partnerships) and Sofi (Director and Psychologist of the Limon academy) pick me up from the bus stop to take me to La Limonada.

Day in La Limonada | Lizza and Sofi take me to La Limonada

Then, we arrive at this landscape – full of hope and love.

A day in La Limonada | Arrive

After devotionals, we serve breakfast to the morning classes. In the buckets there is “Atole” which is like cereal.

A day in La Limonada | Serving breakfastAfter breakfast, we talk read a book study together called “Every Young Man’s Battle.”

A Day in La Limonada | Book Study

 Next, we walk through the alleys to the street to pick up items that were donated to the academies.

Day in La Limonada | Alleys

And then this scene captivates us – we see one of our students working with a big smile on her face.

A Day in La Limonada | Student

 And then we see Luis, who makes a living by collecting trash from the river and selling the recycled items.

Day in La Limonada | Luis

“Pato” (Duck, in English) helps us carry things while acting silly with me.

A day in La Limonada | Carrying items

When we return to the academy, I give all of the donated food to Hilde. She is a wonderful cook, but I am handsome.

Day in La Limonada | Hilde

Lunch time for the afternoon students, so good!

Day in La Limonada | Lunch time

We took the children out to play soccer and saw one of my favorite students, Anthony.

A day in La Limonada | Anthony

 I helped move all of the benches and prepare for a parents meeting. We talked about the value “Loyalty.”

A day in La Limonada | Meeting

Preparing for the parent class where we perform a skit about Loyalty.

A day in La Limonada | Loyalty

Leaving the academy for the day.

A day in the La Limonada | Academy

La Limonada is BEAUTIFUL filled with many people that love God and help others to try to have a better life.

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