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A Christmas Message From Tita

During this time, we celebrate what the children call as: “Jesus’ birthday” and I like to ask the children: “What are you going to buy Jesus?” Eventually, with their enormous eyes like bright lights and a big smile, they say, “a toy!!” After being thrilled with their own answer … it seems so honest to me.

I let them reflect and note that when we give to others we try to give them what they would like instead of what we would like. Therefore I make them think about what Jesus would like…

Today, or, in this day & time we can think about what would make Jesus smile.

I know that each of us will think in different ways- and if we really reflect on what He wants… he will make it known to us. We know that when we please Him we share with those who don’t have anything. This provokes a smile so beautiful – not only in his face but in his heart. We all have something to share.


I know that our team here has worked hard during the whole year, risking their lives to serve the children and families of La Limonada. I would very much love for them to receive a fair wage for the month of December.

This is not the first time that we have gifted shoes to the children; I have seen them come and go from their schools with the pair of shoes from us – they usually last all year!

Scholarships … It’s been quite some time that I have read in a bumper sticker, “If we think an education is expensive … try ignorance.” The price of ignorance is not paid to those individuals but to the whole nation…

I hope we make these Give Christmas goals … for the love of God and the ones He loves. I hope that everyone does their part. We need you all.

May God bless you and your family as you celebrate Christmas together!

-Tita Evertsz

Give Christmas in La Limonada

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