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A Better Life at the “Mi Casita” Safe Home

The following is from our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Tina Breshears, who recently spent time with the children at the “Mi Casita” Safe Home.

The children in the Mi Casita Safe Home are receiving a better life than the circumstances they were born into. It has been a beautiful thing to see the drastic changes taking place in each child as a result of the nurturing environment they now live in.

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting the school where some of the children from Mi Casita study. To see them learning and interacting with the other students was absolutely priceless. Children who, before, were unsocial and timid were running and playing with their classmates. Children who, before, were not willing to try new things and would give up on simple tasks because they believed that they could not do it were now offering to help their teacher and having so much fun doing projects!

It was such a fun and inspiring afternoon which I still think about and smile over.

We may never fully understand the work that God is doing here…and that is beautiful!

-Tina Breshears

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