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64 Children In La Limonada Need Sponsors – “50 States” Update

As we reach the 14-day mark in our “50 States In 50 Days” campaign we are focusing on our Child Sponsorship program.

The children of La Limonada live every day under the effects of extreme poverty. Hunger, physical and sexual abuse, drugs, neglect, horrible living conditions, gang activity, violence, and prostitution surround them.

We believe this is an issue of injustice. We believe every child has a right to grow up in an environment where they are loved unconditionally, nurtured, educated, provided with proper nutrition and protected. And this is what every child experiences at our two schools in La Limonada.

Over the past two years, 301 children in the community have been sponsored by individuals and families here in the US. The impact this has had on the children is immeasurable. People here in the Sates have an opportunity to be connected with a child in La Limonada through prayer and through a personal relationship established through correspondence (and in some cases through personal visits).

Right now there are 64 children at the two schools in La Limonada who are not sponsored. One of those children is Jaquelin Polanco.

Jaquelin is 13 years old and she lives with her grandparents, father, aunt, and cousins. She is extremely timid and shy. She is in 3rd grade, and school is hard for her. She is surrounded by extended family, but her dad is addicted to drugs (we always see him on the street walking near one of the schools and he is almost always strung out on drugs). Her mom lives within the community as well but in another barrio.

Kate, one of our team members in Guatemala, said of Jaquelin,

“She is just so sweet and I think she could really use the support, love and prayers that come with being sponsered. I honestly think it could be life changing for her to know that someone picked her and committed to love and pray for her. Her cousin is sponsored, and I think it would make a huge differnece for Jaquelin to be sponsored.”

In Matthew 25 Jesus painted a picture of himself being hungry, thirsty, treated as a stranger, naked, sick and imprisoned. He said there would be those who would ask ‘when were you all those things and when did we help you?’ (paraphrased). He said his reply would be,

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
– Matthew 25:40

To sponsor a child now, go to our website and click on the “Sponsor A Child” icon and follow the instructions provided.

Help spread the word to your friends and family members in your state and other states around the country by forwarding this email along with a personal note, or send them a link to this blog post, update your Facebook status with a link to the Lemonade Website or make a good old fashioned phone call to encourage someone you know to sponsor a child.

Thanks for all you do to make a difference in the lives of the children of La Limonada!

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