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6 Books for Engaging Your Children With Compassion and Love for Guatemala

6 Books for Engaging Your Children with Compassion and Love for Guatemala
Are your kids enjoying summer reading? Here are six books that will offer them the opportunity to learn more about Guatemala and be inspired to change the world.

Guatemala ABCs [5-11 years old]
With each letter of the alphabet, this book is a great introduction to the people, culture, geography, and history of Guatemala. It includes interesting fast facts – your kids may enjoy writing to their sponsored child about what they learn!

Make a Stand [4-8 years old]
When the 9-year-old author learned about child slavery, she was determined to make a difference by setting up a lemonade stand. Read a good review of this inspiring book here.

Abuela’s Weave [6-9 years old]
A beautifully illustrated story of a young girl who learns to weave with her Grandma. It offers an excellent window into Guatemalan culture and Mayan heritage.

The Most Beautiful Place in the World [8-12 years old]
This book gives an authentic description of a child living in a poor village in Guatemala. While realistic about his poverty and struggle to go to school, it is heartwarming and evokes compassion.

Sharing God’s Love: The Jesus Creed for Children [3-10 years old]
This book is a great tool for teaching children about loving God and others. It will inspire them to extend compassion to their neighbors near and far, including the children of La Limonada!

Because Amelia Smiled [3-7 years old]
A lighthearted story of how simple acts of kindness start a chain reaction of good across the globe. After reading this book, I hope you will feel inspired to meet people from other cultures and extend kindness to them!

What books have you found to engage your children with compassion and love for Guatemala? Please share!

Have your kids read any of these books? We would love to hear their thoughts and responses. Were they moved with compassion and inspired to take a stand? Did they write to their sponsored child? Did they prepare a special craft to send? Did they find a creative way to raise money for the children in La Limonada? Please share your pictures or stories of children reading and responding! Use the hashtag #LemonadeKids so we can follow.

What other ways have you inspired your children? We’ve created some inspiring ideas for your global-minded kids over on Pinterest. Check it out!

-Katie Hoiland

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