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“50 States In 50 Days” Begins Today!

50 states. 50 days. There are 23 states in the US where we do not currently have monthly partners. Help us add those states to the map and broaden our base of support in the 27 states where we currently have partnerships. Our goal is to be “all over the map” by April 7. Can you help?

The 50 States in 50 Days campaign is about just that: spreading the support for La Limonada across the entire country to include all 50 states and broadening our base of support to “educate and empower children in the largest urban slum in Central America”.

The map above shows where we currently stand. If you live in one of our current partner states we are asking you to spread the word and to help add supporters in your state AND in states we don’t currently cover.

Use whatever means you can to spread the word (email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, phone calls and conversations over coffee) to encourage your family members, friends, neighbors, fellow church members and coworkers to become a Lemonade partner.

If you are not currently a monthly partner please consider providing ongoing support to our work in La Limonada through one of these programs:

TEN2END – $10 a month. Most of us spend at least this much on coffee each week. $10 a month is enough to provide healthy meals at the schools for one child for an entire month! TEN2END is our program to provide resources to help end poverty, injustice, hunger, hopelessness and despair in La Limonada.

Sponsor A Child – For a monthly donation of $35 you can sponsor a child at one of the two schools in La Limonada. These donations provide support to the schools where children are loved unconditionally, fed healthy meals, educated, taught proper hygiene, provided with vitamins and provided with one-on-one professional counseling to help them work through the trauma of abuse, poverty and neglect. You will have the opportunity to build a relationship with a child through your prayers for him or her, correspondence, photos and potential visits.

Sponsor A Teacher – The teachers at the schools in La Limonada currently make approximately $7 a day. The average worker in Guatemala City makes $14 a day. For $50 a month you can help to provide one of the teachers with a fair wage while building a personal relationship in the process.

The best way for us to spread the word and broaden the base of support for the children of La Limonada is through you..

As a committed Lemonade International supporter, we are looking for your help in the 50 States in 50 Days campaign. We wouldn’t have gotten where we are now without you sharing with people you know about the work in La Limonada. We are asking that you to continue to do so. You are among those helping to fight poverty in the ghetto of La Limonada, and part of that fight is to spread the word.

50 states in 50 days. We can’t do it without you.

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