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3 Tips for Writing to Your Sponsored Child

0819160852a-01Today’s guest post is written by our friend Lindsay Stevenson. Lindsay has been a committed child sponsor, group member, advocate, and entrepreneur. She started Hope Glows, which gives back to the academies. Stay tuned for upcoming Fall scents!

As a #ProudLemonadeSponsor, are you writing to your sponsored child? Today, Lindsay shares a few great tips for engaging your family in sending love and friendship to your sponsored child in La Limonada. Further guidelines on writing to your child are in detail here.

Sponsoring a child in La Limonada is about more than giving money. It’s about a relationship. All of us want to know that we are seen and valued. Taking the time to encourage the child you sponsor is a meaningful way to communicate value and care.

Most days I can barely respond to text messages and emails in a timely manner, so I know how hard it is to remember to write a letter to a child that you may have never met. However, I believe it is an opportunity for us to grow in kinship with this child. Knowing where to start can feel a bit daunting. Here are a few ideas to move us to action. Or, if you have been a sponsor for a while, perhaps you can glean some new ways to keep your relationship growing.

1. Share about where you live. Send a postcard of a local attraction, tell about your favorite things to do in your area, or include a picture of a map that shows where you live in relation to Guatemala. Here is a great printable map and coloring pages for each state are available here.

2. Send a hug. This is a great one for kids to do! It’s simple and easy: On paper, trace and cut out your child’s hands. Using ribbon and tape, attach the hands together, leaving enough room between them to wrap around someone like a hug. You can find an example here.

3. Get Creative. Art needs no translation. A drawing, watercolor, or even a coloring page is something that can spark joy for the receiver. This is good for children and adults alike! Send along a coloring sheet and some watercolor paints and ask your sponsor child to send a picture back to share their own creativity.

Even a simple card and note can be meaningful. However you choose to best express yourself, share it with your sponsored child. There is a child in La Limonada who wants to know you! For more inspiration and ideas, be sure to take a look at the Lemonade International Pinterest board.

-Lindsay Stevenson

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