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2011 Comes To A Close For The Teachers In Guatemala

The last week of classes for 2011 at the schools in La Limonada was right before Art Camp. As most of you know – it was an amazing trip. Most of our teachers without children went to be with the children and run the camp – while the teachers with their own families had a week of rest. Both groups were happy to do so.

A couple days after the final Art Show, the team gathered once again. We spent the following two weeks in an intense training program together. The teachers worked all morning at desks – preparing their class schedules for 2012. The material they are planning is the best that we’ve had yet. Two of the university trained teachers helped oversee the lesson plans – giving tips and guidance where needed. The teachers from both schools did this together – creating more confidence within the two teaching teams as they don’t have a lot of time to plan as one large group.

They worked hard and got a lot done. The year 2012 is literally just around the corner and we’re all ready for registration day in mid January.

In the afternoon – the rest of the team joined the teachers in a circle in the Lemonade House living room for character and biblical training provided by a new staff member – Miriam. They discussed everything from forgiveness to motivation – from overcoming financial struggles to overcoming shyness.

It was the perfect ending, the perfect ‘cap,’ to a wonderful year. They played games and fell to the floor laughing. They re-visited past pain in their lives and hugged each other until there were no more tears to cry. They’re all encouraged and ready to make 2012 the healthiest year they’ve had so they can teach children how to be healthy and follow God.

The last day we had a grill-out. We all pitched in to buy carne asada, potatoes, tostadas, guacamole, tortillas and soda. Nestor and Victor used two different grills and prepared a delicious meal that we all shared around desks pushed together like tables – while sitting on plastic chairs.

The celebration was much needed and much appreciated. We have each learned so much from each other. They’ve taught the children so much wisdom and are replenished and ready to keep going strong next year. Please join us in enjoying 2012!

The new school year begins with registration on January 9, 2012. And, in the meantime our Safe Home, Micro-enterprise, Vocational Training and Community of Faith programs continue as a result of your generous support.

-Rebecca Gant
Lemonade International Team Member

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