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2009 Annual Report

The Lemonade International 2009 Annual Report is our way of thanking God and thanking you for what He is doing in the lives of people in La Limonada. It also provides an opportunity for all of us to look forward to the possibilities of extending His love and grace in the coming year.

While our personal connection to La Limonada goes back six years, in 2009 we completed our first full year as an officially registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have been working hard over the past few months to provide you with an overview of what took place last year and to present you with a look ahead as we move further into 2010.

Please take the time to read over the full report. You will see that the lives of children and families have been transformed through your generosity and the personal relationships developed with them. You will hear from Tita Evertsz as she shares with you that people in La Limonada are able to tangibly know, feel and enjoy that God is with them because of what you have done. You will see a review of last year along with some highlighted stories of redemption in the lives of people. You will be provided with a look ahead into what’s in store for 2010. You will see a long list of people, churches and organizations that have invested their time, their resources and their lives into this work.

You will also see that our budget for 2010 has increased significantly over last year with the addition of a vocational training program through our Carpentry Workshop, a worshipping missional community – “Communidad de Fe”, new staff members at the schools, our desire to pursue a foster home/orphanage for children in crisis and a microfinance pilot program to provide people with a means to establish or grow a small business.

Our passion to pursue transformation for the La Limonada community means that our average monthly expenses will need to increase from $24,000 in 2009 to $40,250 in 2010. That means a need of more than $16,000 in monthly revenue over last year.

As board member, Ray Strecker, wrote in the report:

We have much work yet to do this next year and in the years to come, and I am more hopeful than ever. God is so good, and there is no stopping His children when they embrace His plan and join Him in His work.

May this report also serve as an opportunity for you to pray about and consider how you may help move this work forward in a community we have all grown to love so much.

I only ask that in prayer you keep seeking God and ask Him how you can continue to help.  The more we unite for this cause, the more lives we can affect.  There are more than 60,000 people, and each one is important to God…and for that, important to us as well. – Tita Evertsz

A big “thank you” goes out to Denise Weaver for volunteering her time to provide the layout and design of this important document.

-Bill Cummings

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