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10 Reasons to Give Christmas



      1. You believe education is key to a brighter future in La Limonada.


      2. You believe the children in La Limonada should feel valued and loved!


      3. You want to engage your children in the joy of sharing all they have with those in need.


      4. You’re shopping for the person who has everything and think they will love receiving a meaningful donation in their honor!


      5. You love combining your generosity with that of others to create real and lasting impact.


      6. You believe in the dreams of the children and youth in La Limonada and get giddy with excitement to help those dreams come true!


      7. You believe donating toward the work God is doing in La Limonada has eternal value.


      8. You believe God demonstrates his love for the people of La Limonada through you.


      9. You believe Lemonade International will invest your year-end, tax-deductible donations in the work God is doing in La Limonada.


      10. You want to give the children a reason to smile big!

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This picture was taken during the Give Christmas 2013 shoe distribution in the academies. Look at those smiles!

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